Achieve non-stop print production while eliminating waste

Short-run, fast-turnaround digital production is increasingly the norm for labels. But are you wasting too much time and materials during inspection setup? Probably. And likely compromising on process and quality control, too.

With digital production being a complex process, with various production stages – every error can be extremely costly. So, it’s never been more important to find an economical way to inspect short runs, while reducing process defects, waste and overruns

With AVT Inspection for Digital Print you can achieve non-stop print production and inspection of digital labels, with no need for manual intervention, while eliminating production waste.



AutoSet Digital enables automatic system setup for digital presses, through connectivity with Esko Automation Engine and prepress data. With AutoSet Digital as part of the Digital Workflow Package for Labels, you can now automatically get job data and change jobs on the fly!

AutoSet Digital removes the need for press stops between jobs and ensures accurate 100% inspection from the very first copy.

Results are consistently high quality, with automated setups and thresholds, not relying on operator’s knowledge, attention, or good will. 


Helios D is a 100% print inspection solution designed for digital printing, to minimize waste and manage press-related problems during print production and job changes. As part of the Digital Workflow Package for Labels, Helios D has stronger computing process ability to deliver 100% print inspection to digital production lines. It is designed to deal with digital print technologies, different applications and short runs.

The inclusion of Job Statistics for digital enables you to automatically reset the counter with every lead in/lead out) for each SKU and allows the press operator to add/reduce printed quantities on the fly.

For Domino press users, calibration targets are printed, giving operators real-time analysis of all quality parameters in a single file, saving significant time in comparing each parameter separately.


Utilizing an integrated reporting mechanism from press to rewinder, WorkFlow Link is used for downstream automated stop and repair on the finishing machine. As part of the Digital Workflow Package for Labels, WorkFlow Link records each job in the roll with a unique job identity.

This gives digital press operators the ability to easily review and edit multiple jobs on the same roll and to scan and upload jobs and rolls to the rewinder/finisher for fast and efficient removal of defective sections or individual labels.

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