Dedicated 100% Automatic Inspection Solution for Labels & Narrow Web Digital Printing

Based on AVT’s trusted, market-proven Helios product line, AVT Helios D is a superior automatic 100% print inspection solution designed to meet the unique needs of labels and narrow web digital print jobs. Helios D supports every stage in the digital production workflow, starting with missing nozzle detection in the printing stage, to comprehensive print quality and process control.

Helios D automatically inspects printed labels or packages for defects and imperfections, delivering exceptional quality results and eliminating customer rejections, raising the bar on automatic print inspection.


Easily installed on any digital press, Helios D immediately identifies defects, such as missing nozzles, spots, substrate damages and color changes as soon as they occur. The process effectively reduces waste, enhances production performance and over time, provides comprehensive inkjet print head status monitoring.

Further, Helios D is designed to work seamlessly on any application and substrate – from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals, label stock to transparent film, or on any highly-reflective foil.

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