100% Quality Assurance for HP Indigo 30000 Folding Carton Digital Press

AVT Apollo 35K is uniquely designed for the HP Indigo 30000 Folding Carton press, featuring a dedicated end-to-end solution for 100% sheet inspection with various workflows. A robust and reliable automatic 100% quality assurance solution exclusively for digital folding carton applications.

Apollo 35K automatically detects print and substrate defects, ensuring and verifying print content.  The system automatically ejects defective sheets to the ejection tray when large or continuous defects are detected, or alternatively, tracks individual packages downstream, ejecting them at the folder gluer stage.

Integrated into the Tresu inline iCoat unit, the Apollo 30K inspects the quality and validity of every printed sheet. The system immediately alerts on process and trend issues that can be resolved by the press operator, as well as recording all defects into the system database.

The Apollo 30K system significantly decreases production time, supports the shorter runs of digital printing, automates manual processes, and provides valuable waste savings.

The system’s high resolution and high speed ensure print quality, data validity, barcodes and numbers tracking, as well as DeltaE color monitoring – all in one pass!

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