PowerOptimizer (SmartLayout)

The estimation module will fill a given page size with a minimum of waste. The operator is presented a range of possible sheet layouts with immediate feedback about the waste percentage and overrun, based on the desired quantities of each individual one-up. The Layout algorithms are finetuned for guillotine finishing workflows, thus dramatically reducing the risk of human error. Extremely productive in large format offset or gravure label workflows.


Trapping artwork according to defined specifications is time intensive. It also requires highly professional skills. With PowerTrapper, your artwork can be trapped in seconds using the best-in-class trapping algorithm that can trap linework, text, gradients and images. As all traps are placed on a separate layer, your artwork is never touched. With the very intuitive user interface, trap modifications can be made in a blink of an eye.


This module for Plato makes the step and repeat based on the CAD data (MFG, CF2, DDES, Vellum CAD), guaranteeing the alignment of the printed sheet and the die cut. Bleed can be calculated based on rules and station numbers can be added in one click.

Studio Designer

View your file in 3D and extend the quality control features of Plato. Check if the graphics match the structural design.

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