Neo is a highly productive and cost-effective editing and correction tool for multipage native PDF files.

Preflight PDF files

With the native PDF application Neo, a highly productive editor is available that gives the operator efficiency and productivity for editing and correction of multipage PDF files in commercial printing environments. Any user dealing with PDF will see Neo as a formidable asset in drastically reducing the approval and correction cycles that are unavoidable in today’s demanding prepress environments.

Imagine the plates are ready, the press is set to go, and at the last moment an error shows up, a typo in the customer’s name, a wrong telephone number, or perhaps the wrong image has been used. At moments like this it is critical to be able to correct the problem on the spot and get the press going. As PDF has become the preferred format for document exchange, and native documents are often not available, there is only one solution, to edit the PDF file as quickly as possible.

Neo - Preflight native PDF files
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