Kongsberg XP Auto

The Kongsberg XP Auto is a fully automated dieless finishing machine for packaging and point-of-purchase displays.

Kongsberg XP Auto:
24/7 production

Based on the successful Kongsberg XP series, the most productive digital finishing devices in the world, Esko has now expanded its range of automated finishing units with the Kongsberg XP Auto. The Kongsberg XP Auto comes loaded with functionality that boosts productivity and ensures reliable operation.

The Kongsberg XP Auto:
  • Eliminates cost and turnaround time for dies
  • Permits jobs to be run overnight, unsupervised
  • Enables fully digital workflow for POP displays and packaging
  • Turns short-runs into a profitable business
  • Offers on-demand production with just-in-time-delivery
  • Enables increased design complexity compared to conventional die cutting
Kongsberg XP Auto - Short run production table

Short run production

The Kongsberg XP Auto is perfect for short run production of packaging and displays. The XP Auto cuts packaging and POP displays directly from the CAD designs. This way you can start production right away and you can eliminate the expense of manufacturing a cutting die. The Kongsberg XP Auto turns short-run and special request converting into a profitable undertaking.

Growth opportunities

Large format digital printers get faster. They demand a higher capacity automatic finishing solution for printed packaging and display materials. The Kongsberg XP Auto is the perfect finishing answer. The Kongsberg XP Auto allows you to accept small-run orders which may secure high volume business from companies that prefer one-stop shopping.

Short delivery time
  • Start production right away by eliminating the waiting time for a die.
  • Safe and automatic production enables unsupervised night jobs.
  • Changeover time between jobs is a matter of seconds.
  • Last minute adjustments are easy to make during the process.

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Kongsberg - Widest range of materials

Wide range of materials

The Kongsberg XP Auto can handle a wide range of materials. It has been optimized for run sizes of several hundreds of sheets of corrugated or other heavyduty paper sandwich materials. It will also be efficient with foam, foam board and plastic corrugated. Cutting corrugated materials becomes a breeze. When equipped with a milling tool it can also handle rigid material such as MDF, Dibond, acrylic panels and foamed PVC.

Download: Material overview guide (pdf)

Fully automated cutting

Thanks to automatic loading and unloading, the Kongsberg XP Auto can run completely automatic. Unattended operations are aided by the XP Auto’s automatic tool calibration and a camera system for accurate print-to-cut registration.

This saves time and brings down production costs. Automated cutting allows you to let the Kongsberg XP Auto run through lunch brakes and through the night without the extra cost of an operator.


"The fully automatic Kongsberg XP Auto is working almost constantly. This unsupervised working mode was crucial for our decision, along with the print-to-cut registration on both sides of the material."

Silvan Rohner, Managing Director, ComRo Rohner AG

Automated production with the Kongsberg XP Auto

Kongsberg XP Auto - Producing displays

Producing displays

POP, POS, FSDU displays are very popular in contemporary. Designing POP, POS or FSDU displays becomes easy in the dedicated CAD software ArtiosCAD.

For the production of POP, POS or FSDU displays you need a reliable and durable automated finishing table. The Kongsberg XP Auto was designed to be the perfect machine for automated short run production of displays in any kind of material.

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