Reduce operator time with unattended production

Complete unattended operation

The Robotic Material Handler is the ultimate, most advanced sheet handling solution for digital finishing companies in the sign, display, folding carton and corrugated markets. Its ability to handle all types of material throughout an entire unattended shift, means that our clients can now add another shift to their operation.


Increase productivity

The Robotic Material Handler loads and unloads directly from and to the pallet ensuring high precision at all times. It is capable of handling corrugated, paper core boards and plastics quickly and accurately with a maximum of three cycles per minute in a continuous material flow. 

No more intermediate loading or unloading, scissor lifts, work tables... You can use your own process pallets, or even the generic pallets your boards were shipped on. With the introduction of the Robotic Material Handler, the Kongsberg platform now offers a highly productive pallet to pallet automated digital finishing solution.

To gain maximum benefit from this solution we offer today a complete production cell which includes the Kongsberg C66R platform, the Robot Arm/Gripper and a sophisticated safety system.


Robotic material handling is the future for our industries. As devices get faster and faster - manual handling will become a thing of the past.  We can now redeploy and re-train our staff - giving them new opportunities and adding value to our business.

Rob Farfort, Founder & Owner, Data Image, UK

No More Material Waste

The Robotic Material Handler works with a wide range of materials thanks to the unique gripper. Developed with Clinchtech Ltd, the dynamic gripper picks sheets up to 15kg in weight and can handle up to 3 sheets per minute.

Where ever you have manual material handling, you have damage and waste, and the level of rework can be high. Damages – from creasing or bending of boards, scratching and dragging of heavy sheets, and to pesky finger prints on final jobs - are now problems of the past.

The Robotic Material Handler eliminates all these potential costly errors by ensuring that there is a consistent sheet placement every time with zero manual handling.

Focus on Profitability

The Robotic Material Handler gives companies the opportunity to take on more jobs and gain new customers without increasing the workforce. The simple operation of the Robotic Material Handler means existing teams can be easily trained to set up jobs for unattended shifts, leaving them more time to focus on the high value, low volume tasks and develop customer service.

  • Increased Productivity
  • Unique Innovation
  • Material Handling Quality
  • Safety
  • Profitability
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Technical specifications

Robotic Material Handler
 Maximum sheet size:  3200 x 1600 mm - 126" x 63"
 Overall dimensions (w x l x h):  2 Stacks 10300 x 10000 x 4000 mm - 406" x 394" x 157"
 Overall dimensions (w x l x h):  4 Stacks 12400 x 11800 x 4000 mm - 488" x 465" x 157"
 Maximum load speed:  3 boards / minute
 Maximum stack height, from floor:  1700 mm - 67"
 Maximum rigid board weight:  10 kg - 22 lbs
 Multi-Zone Production:  Max Sheet Size 3200 x 1600 mm - 126" x 63"
 Works with:  Kongsberg C66R including full robot production cell

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