Feeder & Stacker

The most advanced modular solution to increase your digital finishing productivity

Sheet feeder & stacker
for Kongsberg tables

The Kongsberg Automate board feeder and stacker is the perfect way to increase productivity and give your business a competitive edge. It’s an easy to use pallet-to-pallet solution.

With stack height at 915 mm/36 in and quick automatic load cycles it is the optimal solution for short run production on all typical packaging and display materials.

Kongsberg C64 with Feeder and Stacker

Continuous production

The Kongsberg Feeder and Stacker is the most* advanced automated sheet handling solution for large format digital finishing. Providing a seamless way to increase your productivity, the Feeder and Stacker combination will speed up your short run production by eliminating manual handling bottlenecks and reduce both material damage and waste, without additional labor costs.

* The only other more advanced system is Esko’s Kongsberg Robot Material Handler

Wide range of materials

Processing a stack height of 915mm/36in means fewer pallet changes and continuous handling of materials. And, on the subject of materials, the Kongsberg Feeder and Stacker combination can handle sheet sizes of up to 3200x2200mm / 126 x 63in, as well as all typical packaging and display materials:

Perfect stack alignment

Perfect stack alignment

The board feeder is specifically designed to cause no harm to the board or the print as it moves to the cutting table. The Kongsberg table quickly registers cuts and then delivers the material to the pallet with perfect stack alignment to ensure consistent production with the next step in the workflow.

Esko customer statistic

25% of surveyed large format printer companies say finishing is their biggest bottleneck todays.

Source: TechValidate survey of 131 customers of Esko Published: Jul 25, 2017 TVID: 02D-013-5FE


Underside Camera

A must-have for any digital finishing department handling sign and folding carton, the addition of the underside camera takes away the manual processes of checking each sheet and calculating registration marks.

The underside camera – which is available as an optional extra - scans the sheet from underneath (graphic side) and automatically locates the registration marks, barcodes and the corner of the sheet – saving between 20-30 minutes per set up!

The Feeder & Stacker handles 4 boards per minute - that means you can now bill an extra 2 weeks per month!

Kongsberg C64 with iBF

Modular solution:
Upgrade as you grow

The feeder and stacker are developed for the Kongsberg X and Kongsberg C tables. The board feeder (i-BF) and stacker (i-MF) can be purchased separately. An optional roll feeding unit and extension tables are also available.

Technical Specifications

Feeder and Stacker: Kongsberg C64 

Maximum sheet size: 3200 x 2200 mm - 126” x 63”
Maximum speed: 4 boards / minute
Minimum board thickness: 2 mm - 0.08”
Maximum board thickness: 50 mm - 2”
Maximum stack height: 915 mm from floor - 36”
Maximum media weight: 10 kg/m² - 2.04 lb/ft²
Maximum rigid board weight: 50 kg - 110 lbs
Parallel stacks: up to 4 boards at the same time, dependent on rigidity.

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