i-cut Production Console

Improving operating efficiency

The i-cut Production Console reduces the time from file to finished product. Decked out with a wide range of intelligent features, i-cut Production Console streamlines the complete workflow.

i-cut Production Console is ready to tackle all applications, from sample making to the production of packaging, signage and displays.

i-cut Production Console integrates with other parts of the Esko solution (ArtiosCAD, i-cut Suite), making your workflow even stronger.

oprogramowanie do obsługi plotera tnącego

Benefits for the operator
  • The i-cut Production Console improves operating efficiency
  • The ease of use is improved by a completely new user experience. The operator is guided by colors, icons and messages during job preparation and execution
  • Intelligent system supervision prevents mistakes causing damage to the substrate or machine
  • Save time with intelligent features for optimizing curves
  • Work faster and achieve consistent and high quality cutting results with Cutting Keys, and settings that can be saved and imported
  • Operators can prepare next job while another job is produced. Interrupt and continue later if high priority orders come in
Benefits for the designer / prepress operator
  • i-cut Production Console supports the design / prepress phase
  • Flexible step & repeat, and nesting features make it easy during the design or prepress phase to optimized substrate utilization
  • i-script support enables consistency between the printed result and the cut data from the RIP
  • Intelligent mappings for directing the variety of layers, line types and colors in the design file to correct layer separations with standardized tooling info (Cutting Keys)
  • i-cut Production Console offers superior integration with ArtiosCAD which enables direct access to native ArtiosCAD files and curve optimizations
  • Because i-cut Production Console offers intelligent curve optimizations, the designer does not have to worry about how to best cut the design
  • i-cut Production Console has version control: the table operator is warned when there’s a new version of a file
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