At the moment K+D is able to match 95% of the Pantone colors by using the Equinox technology.

Markus Naegeli, Head of Sales and Marketing, K+D AG, Switzerland

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Print brand colors accurately with a fixed ink set

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Reduce printing costs with extended gamut printing

  • No ink changes means more press uptime
  • Thinner ink film increases press speed
  • No color limits, you can combine jobs
Did you know?

Whether you are in the folding carton printing business or in the narrow web label printing, expanded gamut technology saves you an impressive amount of money and increases press uptime. Don’t just take our word for it; check the numbers below.


Our goal was to limit press downtime caused by color changes. By using the same set of inks for all print jobs, expanded gamut printing eliminates the need for wash-ups when switching jobs and it reduces make-ready times.

Cédric Ladroue, General Manager, Statim, France

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