XPS Crystal Exposure Unit

Improve plate consistency.

XPS Crystal: improve plate consistency

The XPS Crystal Certification program

What is XPS Crystal Certification?

The XPS Crystal platemaking certification program focuses on the plate making process as well as best-in-class print quality. The certification program is open to all XPS Crystal users and can be started when the XPS Crystal is installed, during a preventative maintenance visit of the XPS, or upon request.

XPS Certification

Why should I become certified?

The certificate helps communicate that your company offers the “best in class” plate making process:

  • Predictable and accurate plate relief
  • Highest plate making consistency available
  • Best in class plate quality

You will receive a framed certificate, a logo for your e-mail signature, and a certification report which you can use for internal verification purposes.

Beyond the external communication benefits, you will also be able to verify your plate making process against the industry benchmark. This will help you track plate quality over time and catch potential issues before they occur on press.

Get started with XPS Crystal Certification

The certification process has three steps.

Certified customers

Use case
Use case

Empire L.A.

Québec-based Empire L.A. has become the first digital prepress and press-ready flexographic plate specialist in Canada to receive ‘best in class’ certification under the new XPS Crystal Program.Since the formation of Empire L.A. in 2006 the company has become one of the biggest players in the Québec market, serving a client base across Ontario as well as parts of the United States.

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Use case
Use case

Athena Graphics

With offices in Belgium, France and The Netherlands, Athena Graphics provides brand support, artwork, prepress and flexo platemaking to customers around the globe, delivering more than 80,000 SKUs for more than 100 brands.

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Use case
Use case

Medialliance Graphic Bourgoin

Leading independent French enterprise Medialliance Graphic Bourgoin Jallieu has become the first business to achieve ‘best in class’ plate making certification under a new program introduced by Esko. “Here at Medialliance, we have secured a position as a go-to partner for companies looking for support with packaging and brand identities,” said Olivier.

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How long does it take to become certified and receive a certificate?
It may take up to 30 days to become certified and receive certificates.

What is the cost of becoming certified?
The certification process is offered as a valuable part of your Crystal XPS maintenance contract. We recommend a maintenance contract to ensure your Crystal XPS remains in optimum condition. If you have no maintenance contract, we recommend ordering a preventive maintenance including the certification process.

How long is the certification valid?
The XPS certification is valid for 24 months.

Are we certifying “Third Party” plate making processes?
Esko is not certifying plates made with third party equipment or when non-Esko screens have been used.

Why is a mask and a processed plate checked for XPS certification?
Esko supports your quality control by verifying both imaging quality and the processing quality of your equipment in comparison to “Esko’s Certified Benchmark Reference”.

This provides a starting point and clear status of your platemaking equipment. Additionally, Esko offers a yearly re-certification option in order to be able to verify possible deviation of your process over time.

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