Full HD Flexo

Full HD Flexo
How does it work?

The Full HD Flexo technology combines high resolution imaging at 4000ppi (HD Flexo imaging and screening technology) with digitally controlled main exposure inside the CDI. The digital Inline UV2 main exposure through a LED-array delivers a UV power density high enough to gain full control over the polymerization process during main exposure.

The Inline UV2 digital main exposure now makes flexo platemaking fully digital. Human errors are reduced and the plate consistency is boosted enormously.

Controlling the dot shape

The unique Full HD Flexo platemaking process can digitally control the dot shape: Full HD Flexo plates and sleeves now combine the highlight capability of HD Flexo and the solid ink lay down capability and print stability of ‘flat top’ flexo plates.

Full HD Flexo - Solid color density
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