Full HD Flexo

Full HD Flexo Benefits

  • Smoother, sharper images with an expanded tonal range
  • Bright impactful solids and a wider color gamut
  • Improved results achievable with existing printing equipment
  • Industry standard quality supported by all major plate vendors
  • Suitable for labels and tags, flexible packaging, corrugated and carton print

Full HD Flexo extends the boundaries of flexo printing for flexible packaging. Depending on the screen ruling used, Full HD Flexo has different capabilities and benefits.

When printing with screen rulings between 110 -130 ppi, Full HD Flexo improves the quality of solids and whites, print consistency, press speed, and job changeover. Existing presses and anilox rollers can be used.

When using screen rulings of 130 – 150 lpi, Full HD Flexo enables the conversion of gravure work to flexo printing. Good image details and contrasts, highlights to zero and smooth vignettes can be achieved. Spot colors can be produced with higher vignette quality. Full HD Flexo combined with screen rulings between 150 lpi and 250 lpi is the perfect solution to move gravure work to flexo. The print quality is stellar: excellent details, brilliant colors and smooth transitions to zero.

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Applications and implications of Full HD Flexo

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