Digital Flexo Suite

Efficient digital flexo

The Digital Flexo Suite standard features enable operators to prepare multiple jobs and simultaneously drive several CDI’s.
Each imaged and cut plate obtains a detailed production report for invoicing purposes.

Flexo plates are automatically cut to the size of the bitmap file. A hotfolder functionality can automate basic functions of PlatePrep.
Additionally a high-end viewer permits detailed inspection of bitmap files prior to imaging.

Optional features

  • Tiff Output allows sending merged files to an image setter or any Tiff imaging device.
  • Bevel Cut contains both the soft- and hardware for 45° flexo plate cutting (mainly for corrugated purposes).
  • Staggered Cut is an option for cutting nested and/or staggered shape. Waved cutting line goes across the web (mainly for flexible packaging purposes).
  • Optional Mounting devices (for PlatePatcher or Digital Flexo Suite for Corrugated only).
    • Analog round paper mount is an output filter for a direct connection to the Bieffebie Omnia 338 (EPS file format).
    • Automount Macroflex is an output filter for a direct connection to DuPont’s Macroflex (DHM file format).
    • Automount Heaford is an output filter for a direct connection to JMHeaford mounting device (CSV file format).
    • Automount Optimount is an output filter for a direct connection to AV Flexologics Optimount (MOM file format).
    • PreMount is a revolutionary mounting technique with which flexo plate slug are mounted on a carrier sheet prior to imaging!
Efficient flexo with Digital Flexo Suite
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