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Digital Inline UV Main exposure for CDIs

The Esko CDI has an integrated, digitally controlled, ultraviolet diode array. With this UV technology the UV Main Exposure stops being an analog process. UV Main Exposure is now a highly precise and digitally controlled process. This has the added advantage of eliminating an extra step in the workflow: the UV Main Exposure is done inline, after the imaging of the flexo plate, without any operator intervention.

Inline UV benefits

  • Quality: Excellent definition of screening dots and line work
  • Consistency: Highest consistency of exposure throughout the plate thanks to digital controlled diode lights
  • Controlled exposure: No changes in the distribution of the UV light due to aging of light bulbs
  • Sustainable: Energy consumption of the Inline UV units is lower than traditional technologies
  • Repeatability: Equal plate quality from job to job, and from plate to plate, even weeks or months later
  • Predictability: You know exactly what the result will look like
  • Extended lifetime: The diode’s lifetime is more than ten times longer compared to analog light tube technology
  • Proven results for solvent and thermal plates and sleeves
CDI - Inline UV

Choose the dot shape you need!

Thanks to Inline UV2, you can now select the dot shape – round top or flat top – according to the job requirements, from plate to plate or from sleeve to sleeve. The UV Laser diodes can be digitally controlled to either generate a flat top dot or a round top dot.

The fully digital controlled and inline process takes away the need for extra analogue systems for main exposure or for flat top dot creation.

Inline UV2 – choose your dot per plate or sleeve

Esko´s CDI exposure typically delivers plates with the most stable and sharp round top dots. With the use of HD Flexo, these round top dots print gradients down to zero; they also deliver much improved solid ink areas with almost no pinholes.

What about flat top dots?

Today, the industry also asks for flat top dots; mainly because flat top dots bring excellent solid ink areas. The problem with flat top dots, however, is that they result in higher dot gain and that the gradients fading to zero have a grainy appearance.

Thick plate curing

Thick plates for corrugated printing require longer UV exposure to cure properly. For these applications, the CDI productivity is best preserved by using a short Inline UV exposure time, in combination with extra bank exposure.

The short digital UV flash fixes all the quality advantages of the different digital UV dot shapes. The extensive curing is left for the offline bank light UV frame.

Inline UV2 is available as an option for the CDI Spark 2530, 4835, 4260 and 5080 and the CDI Advance Cantilever.


Esko integrates software, hardware and services that enable environment-friendlier design and print production.

  • With Inline UV you use less energy and reduce waste
  • Less energy consumption, no special lamp disposal (lamps contain mercury)
  • Waste reduction: elimination of polymer waste through safe polymer handling

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