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Benefits of CDI Flexo CtP Imagers

Total flexibility

You can choose and configure a CDI to match your current production needs, and expand capabilities as your business grows. The CDI can accommodate all plate and sleeve sizes and any brand of plate or processing method. The CDI seamlessly integrates with Esko’s packaging workflow,or can work with any third party workflow system.

HD Flexo rivals the quality of gravure

CDI - Repeatable quality

Reliable productivity

Powerful Esko workflow tools, combined with the unique features of the CDI, offer the fastest plate throughput along with the greatest reliability. After switching from analog to digital film with a CDI, Esko customers generally report a 20% cost reduction in their plate making.

Repeatable quality

The superior plate quality from a CDI is exactly what a printer needs to achieve outstanding results: fine highlights, excellent details and superb coverage in the shadows. The CDI delivers it the first time, and every time.

HD Flexo - The new standard for flexographic printing plates

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