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Using database driven job management, Automation Engine serves as the heart of any size prepress production operation.

Ghent PDF Output Suite 5 compliant

Automate your prepress in 5 days!

Automation Engine QuickStart for Labels is a turnkey solution for label converters. It comes preloaded with proven workflows for label production. And with just 5 days to get you up and running, you start reaping the benefits of automation almost immediately. Read more.


The Viewer module lets the prepress operators find errors early in the workflow—95% of mistakes are caught ahead of time.

Tim Downey, Prepress Manager, Independent Can, USA

Automation Engine Quality Assurance Workflow
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Depending on the number of clients interacting with the system, and the required productivity, Automation Engine comes in different flavors. When additional capacity is required, additional systems can be added to distribute the load, or to serve as failsafe mechanism in case of hardware failure.

The software is equally modular. This allows you to select from a group of functional modules. This way the optimal production system can be configured with the option to add extra functionality later on.

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