Automation Engine
QuickStart for Labels

Automate your prepress in 5 days

Automation Engine QuickStart for Labels

Automation Engine QuickStart for Labels is a rapid workflow implementation for label converters.

Along with Esko’s Automation Engine, the QuickStart package delivers proven workflows for label production. And with just 5 days to get you up and running, you start reaping the benefits of automation almost immediately.

Boost the number of jobs without increasing headcount

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Easy to use production software

Automation Engine is a proven world leader in label production workflow. QuickStart is an implementation package containing standard workflows based on industry best practice delivering:

  • Automation of routine tasks such as trapping, step & repeat, job card creation...
  • Integrated packaging preflight and quality control
  • Error reduction & shorter production time
  • Digitized, standardized process flow
  • Data and jobs organization organizes data and connects your people
Automation Engine QuickStart for Sign

Automated Tasks

Job Management & Organization
Packaging Preflight
Job Report with standard template
Step & Repeat for labels
Dynamic print and finishing marks
High end Quality Control tools to view and compare artwork
Variable data expansion

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Automate your labels prepress in 5 days

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More jobs per day with less risk of costly errors

QuickStart includes a standardized process flow that takes the one-up from creating the job in the system all the way to the stepped file, ready for the press.

The standard workflow based on industry best practice will improve productivity. Automated preflight and built in quality control checkpoints greatly reduce the risk of errors making it to press.

Production capacity
Automation Engine Quickstart

Easy deployment

  • In only 5 days all setup and training is done and you are ready to produce
  • The standard workflow takes away the need for consultancy
  • Leads to a rapid return on investment

Intelligent color preflight

Color Preflight (add-on option) finds the fastest and most cost effective way to print jobs on an HP Indigo digital press, while meeting brand color expectations. This optimizes cost and makes additional production time available on the press. Read more.

A solution that grows with you

The QuickStart implementation gets you automated in less than a week, but it is not a limited solution. As your business grows, Automation Engine grows with you. If you need additional throughput, integration with upstream systems or connections with new production equipment, Esko has a broad range of upgrade modules and additional training or workflow customization options.

And, because QuickStart is implemented on top of Esko’s Automation Engine platform, these modules click into place easily and simply.

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