17 extra hours on press with Color Preflight

Automation Engine: the perfect automated workflow

Color Preflight for Automation Engine increases the efficiency of the press. 

It allows operators to use the most efficient ink set and reduce unnecessary print time. Color Preflight for Automation Engine also allows you to make use of EPM with confidence: decide on EPM (or another print mode) based on objective criteria.

HP Indigo customers report increased color consistency and 17 hours extra press capacity per month.


Discover the Esko Color Preflight Advantage

Find the most cost-effective way to print!

  • Can I have a clear “Color OK” decision before going on press?
  • Can I print faster while still ending up with the same color?
  • Wouldn’t it be easier to quote an attractive price to my customers if I knew up front what ink set will be used on a job?

Color Preflight finds the fastest and most cost-effective way to print jobs on a digital press, while meeting brand color expectations.

Automatic color preflight allows you to: