Powerful, native PDF prepress editing


One or more “Dynamic Subscriptions” are assigned to a group of individuals, rather than one single user. When logging on, each user (wherever they may be based) will simply be assigned an available license, provided there are licenses available in the group. This license will then be released back to the group when the user ends their session. 

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ArtPro+ Essentials

51333 USD
per month per user

ArtPro+ Layout

44583 USD
per month per user
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ArtPro+ Advanced

63000 USD
per month per user

ArtPro+ Digital

24500 USD
per month per user

Optional modules that can be added to any
perpetual or subscription license of ArtPro+

Plate Cut

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VDP Expansion

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  Essentials Layout Advanced Digital
Native PDF editing V V V V
Preflight Powered by Enfocus V V V V
White underprint V V V V
Automated font activation powered by Extensis V V V V
Dynamic Marks V V V V
Conical Warp V V V V
VDP Templating V V V V
Report Templating V V V V
Simulate Digital Print V V V V
Rich Black V X V V
Interactive Trapping V X V X
Text Recognition V X V V
PDF Action Lists V X V X
Tabular Step & Repeat X V V X
CAD–based Sheet Layout X V V X
Automatic Trapping X X V X

Which edition is needed to run optional modules?

Plate Cut V V V V
VDP Expansion V V V V
Equinox V V V V
Visualize packaging in 3D V V V V
Pre-distortion for shrink sleeves V V V V
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