DeskPack: Tools for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop - Esko


DeskPack plugins

PowerLayout for Illustrator

The ‘PowerLayout for Illustrator’ bundle offers dedicated step and repeat functionality, combined with PDF import and the ability to add dynamic marks.

PowerTrapper for Illustrator

The ‘PowerTrapper for Illustrator’ bundle offers very powerful trapping and white underprinting functionality.

Dynamic VDP for Illustrator

Dynamic VDP for Illustrator allows you to easily create Variable Data Printing jobs (VDP) on a digital printing press.

Flexo tools for Adobe Photoshop

Add Esko's flexo expertise to Adobe® Photoshop®. Flexo Tools resolve flexo specific printing issues. Novice flexo operators will develop images ready for flexo, while experienced retouchers will appreciate how the flexo tools improve the quality and productivity of work.

Ink tools for Adobe Photoshop

For preparing images with spot color separations. See how spot colors and CMYK colors look in overprint, without having to make intermediate hardcopy proofs. The Inkswitch filter can automatically calculate special ink separations to match the appearance of a CMYK target.

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