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This estimator simulates the savings you could make with Esko's Packaging Management Solution, thanks to increased efficiency, reduced resource requirement and lean process implementation.

Simply enter your current metrics below to calculate your potential savings.

Packaging Management Value Estimator

How many new artwork projects do you process per year?

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Reduction in Project Briefing Times
Reduction in Approval Lead Times
Reduction in Artwork Correction costs
Reduction in time Managing Files
Reduction in Project Delivery Times
More Capacity for Additional Projects

WebCenter has been a great investment for American Box Company, increasing and streamlining our processes while improving accuracy and saving time.
Vince Hayden, General Manager of American Box Company

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WebCenter is a powerful web-based packaging management solution that manages your packaging processes end-to-end. Through WebCenter, packaging suppliers can save significant time by streamlining the design and approval process, while eliminating miscommunication and reducing time lost from print re-runs, errors or revisions.

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WebCenter: preconfigured or bespoke

Note: Esko provides the Value Estimator tool as a service to help customers in analyzing potential cost savings when purchasing and utilizing Automation Engine SaaS. This tool only provides estimates. Such estimates are not a guarantee of savings. A number of other factors may affect your actual savings, and your actual savings may differ.