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As many of you know, collecting insightful input from peers to customers is critical to growing our business. Therefore, Esko has now an "Enterprise model" contract with SurveyMonkey.

Furthermore, Esko has enabled Account Control for the following domains:,,
This directs all new sign ups and existing logins outside of our Enterprise group access to the full feature set and offering powerful new ways to create, distribute and analyze surveys as well as allowing you to collaborate with colleagues more effectively. 

We have 115 accounts for Esko, Enfocus and MediaBeacon all together.

  • 100 accounts can collect less than 100 responses a year.
  • 15 accounts that can collect more than 100 responses per year.

Take this into account when organizing surveys.

The login to the system runs via Okta SSO (Single Sign On).

When using SurveyMonkey, each department will be allocated part of the costs, as the contract is a significant investment.


If you want to join the Enterprise group and did not have a SurveyMonkey account in the past, go to, click on Sign Up and enter in your information. As long as you are using an, or address, you’ll be prompted to authenticate through our corporate portal and then join the Enterprise group. 

If you (or any colleague that you would know of) already are an existing SurveyMonkey user outside of our existing Enterprise group, the next time you sign into your SurveyMonkey account you will be prompted to authenticate through our corporate (Okta SSO) portal and then convert your account into the enterprise group and have 30 days to either do so, or switch to a personal email. Please note that your data will not be impacted at all by the conversion into Esko Group’s SurveyMonkey environment, and that all live surveys will remain open and active.

This is the procedure to follow:

  1. Send an e-mail to With the text:
      Please add [MY INITIALS] to the active directory group SSO-App-Surveymonkey
      Thanks, [My Name]
  2. After IT confirmed this, start here: and click on the SurveyMonkey icon.
  3. Provide your ‘old’ credentials so that your ‘old’ account is linked to the corporate account.
    From there you can click on CONVERT ACCOUNT.


If by any chance you are sharing an account with another user, please take the following actions to ensure you or your shared users have the appropriate surveys in the right accounts:

Getting started

Getting started with SurveyMonkey:



SurveyMonkey Account Usage

When using our Enterprise account, please keep the following dos & don’ts in mind:


  • Please check the SurveyMonkey Privacy Basics about data usage!
  • Respect people's privacy: following the GDPR, you are allowed to only send e-mail to people that explicitly gave consent to do so.
  • As a principle, you should only send invitations to participate to a survey that are Esko customers.
  • Exclude customers that have OPTED-OUT. This data is available via Salesforce only.


  • Consider using multiple Collectors when sending out a survey to different groups.
  • Think about confidential information before you send out your survey. You are responsible and accountable.
  • Consider that your department will be invoiced depending on your contribution.
  • Avoid sending surveys to non-customers.
  • Respect privacy: do not send emails to contacts that have opted-out.


  • Do not share accounts- Per SurveyMonkey’s Terms of Use, accounts may not be shared and may only be used by one individual per account. Create individual accounts for everyone who needs access to SurveyMonkey.
  • Do not delete accounts without transferring surveys - Once an account is deleted, all surveys created under the account will also be deleted. Make sure to transfer surveys to another account (such as a designated "data store" account) before permanently deleting an account.
  • Do not share confidential information of any kind outside of Esko.


Esko Company Branding

Before you begin creating surveys, please review the following documents as it will provide you with Esko's company’s standard operating procedures, and basic rules on how to use your SurveyMonkey Enterprise account.

You can use Esko's Survey Template:

  1. Go to "My Surveys"

  2. Choose "Start from our Expert Templates"

  3. In the Search field, type Esko Survey Template

  4. Select the Esko Survey Template


When you don't use Esko's Survey Template:

The Esko logo will be added automatically.

Take care to use the Esko (Hex) colors.

  • Esko Brand Gray: #444B53
  • Esko Brand Green: #BBBE19


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