Streamline your shrink sleeve creation with Esko Studio - Esko

Is shrink sleeve creation one of your biggest challenges? Here’s how you
can overcome it and streamline your production processes – with Esko Studio.

  • Save time and money by making shrink sleeve design faster
  • Speed up your approval process with virtual production and eliminate
    the need for time-consuming samples and shrink tests
  • Achieve consistently good, predictable results whilst cutting out the
    trial-and-error phase

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6 reasons to streamline your shrink sleeve creation with Studio

  1. Achieve astounding and predictable design results
  2. Work with Collada files – the most common open exchange format for interactive 3D applications
  3. Spot errors early in the workflow
  4. See printing effects visualized in real time
  5. Resolve distortion at the design stage
  6. Automatically calculate shrinkage and distortion

Overcome shrinking and distortion challenges in packaging creation, download our FREE guide

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Overcome shrinking and distortion challenges