Esko XPS Crystal is GreenCircle Certified - Esko
Esko Achieves Sustainability Awards for the XPS Crystal

Esko has received multiple GreenCircle certifications for the XPS Crystal.
The XPS Crystal utilizes UV main and back exposure to produce highly
consistent digital flexo plates, while also minimizing waste.

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Combining UV main & back exposure

The innovative XPS Crystal optimally combines UV main and back exposure. Unlike UV frames, using lightbulbs with fluctuating output, the XPS Crystal uses UV LEDs which don’t need warm-up time and always emit consistent radiation. A simultaneous and optimally controlled UV main and back exposure produces highly consistent digital flexo plates – for every digital flexo plate type at every time of your production day. The XPS Crystal exposing unit won the prestigious FTA award, 2017 Intertech Technology Award and the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017!


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