Top reasons to choose
a Kongsberg Digital Finishing table for sign making

Able to handle a wide range of materials
Robustness of the Kongsberg table
Superior finishing quality
Esko offers integrated solutions, not only a Kongsberg table

Handle a wide range of materials

With Kongsberg X, you can invest in the tools you need today, with the confidence than you will be able to upgrade as your business grows. You can to add new tools for new materials, new applications, or more capacity so that you can add volume and enter new market segments.

Kongsberg digital cutting tables come with a range of specialty tools that offer speed, power and flexibility to handle a wide variety of materials.

Handle a wide range of materials
Which Kongsberg cutting table fits you?

How to choose the perfect cutting table

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Superior finishing quality

Robustness & superior finishing quality

Kongsberg cutting tables are made to last. Dedicated tools for all applications give you stunning results, time and time again.

Full integrated solution

Kongsberg users can streamline their entire workflow, not just the cutting part. Combine software and hardware to get rid of waste in your company.

Full integrated solution

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