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Top 7 areas to reduce waste in your workflow

Are you sure you’ve eliminated all the bottlenecks and reduced the set-up times throughout your workflow? Esko can help!

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Never-ending approval cycles

Time consuming approval cycles result in lower margins. Often, you have to make 4 or 5 physical designs before you can obtain a final approval.


Errors in graphical files

When a print file comes to your shop floor (from a web shop, a designer, or a customer) it is critical to make that file print-ready as fast as possible.

Missing CAD design skills

Structural design competence is of great value when you want to offer new and exciting products. Sometimes it’s mandatory, especially if you offer custom design.


Lack of production control

Production control basically follows a file’s movement through the entire shop floor, from production step to production step.

Operation can be complicated

Cutting tables are versatile machines that serve many markets. Normally it takes highly experienced and skilled operators to deliver productivity and high-end quality results.


Increase table throughput

Increase the table’s throughput while reducing operator intervention with hardware automation.

Ship faster

The packing department is typically the last step in the shop floor workflow and consequences of waste earlier in the process will ultimately end up here.

Bringing value to wide format printing?

Bringing value to wide format printing

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