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Powerful software integration

Boost the efficiency and profitability of your large format production, regardless of the type, source and variety of the incoming job information.

Download the free white paper ‘10 things sign makers can't do in Adobe® Illustrator®’ to find out how i-cut Suite can help your business.

i-cut Suite: sign printing software

Accurate preflighting

Accurate preflighting (controlling whether files are print-ready) is necessary for an efficient use of your equipment, it also helps to avoid expensive rejects.

Preflighting is typically time consuming and manual work. Normally, it takes between 20 and 45 minutes to get a file ready and results depend heavily on the designer’s or operator’s skills and experience.

Additionally, preflighting is typically given away as a free customer service, despite the effort it takes to get it right.

Reduce design errors
by 70%

Preflighting with i-cut Suite
Which Kongsberg cutting table fits you?

10 things sign makers can't do in Adobe® Illustrator®

Download this free white paper now

Kongsberg Automate - Device Manager

Take control!

Device Manager is Esko’s answer to shop floor control; it helps you tackle those well-known shop floor waste areas. It will estimate your jobs, help you load balance between Kongsberg cutting tables.

Additionally, Device Manager generates reports and keeps history logs so that you can measure non-value added time and build a more optimized process.

Get CAD skills

For companies without in-house CAD skills, there are simplified solutions available. One is QuickBox. It is an option to i-cut Production Console (the front-end for Kongsberg cutting tables). QuickBox comes with 15,000 parametric packaging design templates that you can make in 3 easy steps (LxWxH).

For complex 3D POP displays, the ArtiosCAD Display Store offers downloadable POP designs. All templates are production ready, certified and tested. With a growing collection of POP designs, it is the largest online repository for high end POP displays designs in the world.

And companies that have in-house CAD talent, or are thinking of hiring CAD designers, there’s ArtiosCAD, the world’s number one structural design software solution. ArtiosCAD is unparalleled in CAD design functionality, especially for POP design.

Structural design for POP displays
Which Kongsberg cutting table fits you?

10 things sign makers can't do in Adobe® Illustrator®

Download this free white paper now

About us

We help our customers to make the best packaging for billions of consumers.

The Esko product portfolio supports and manages the packaging and print processes for brand owners, retailers, designers, premedia and trade shops, packaging manufacturers, and converters. For 9 out of 10 retail packages, Esko solutions are used in packaging management, asset management, artwork creation, structural design, prepress, 3D visualization, flexo plate making, workflow automation, quality assurance, sample-making, palletization, supply chain collaboration and/or the production of signage and displays.

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