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Offer profitable services with a Kongsberg kiss cutting machine

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Kiss cutting

Kiss cutting is a very popular way of cutting materials and applications such as vinyl, stickers, decals, car wrappers, window graphics, one way vision stickers, lettering, labels, gaskets…

During the kiss cutting process, the contours of the graphics or labels are only cut partially; the label’s backing material (or ‘liner’) is not cut, it is just ‘kissed’.

The benefit of kiss cut material is that the labels or graphics can stay on a liner sheet or roll until they need to be used.

Kiss cutting

Dedicated kiss cutting tools

Kongsberg cutting tables are world renowned for their versatility, so turning one of them in a kiss cutting machine is no problem whatsoever. Dedicated tools for all kinds of applications make them the most versatile cutting systems on the market.

KissCutting Knife Tool

The KissCutting Knife Tool is a specialty tool for kiss cutting adhesive vinyl (decals) and foils. It’s used for applications where it is important to keep the backing intact and only cut through the top film.

Due to the characteristics of the material, a spring loaded pressure is required in order to achieve perfect peal/weed quality.

The pressure is manual set with a scale indicated turnkey.


Adhesive vinyl (decals), foil, diamond grade foil


  • Perfect weeding/pealing quality
  • Only the knife blade touches the material; i.e. no scratching of shiny or printed surfaces
MicroCut Tool

The MicroCut Tool has been designed for applications where very fine depth tolerances are needed, such as varnish blankets and half-cuts in the thinnest folding cartons and adhesive vinyl.

The tool foot rides the surface of the material and features a digital micrometer for high precision control of the cutting depth, with display settings for mm or inches.


Varnish blankets, folding carton & vinyl.


  • Perfect and consistent cutting depth for partial cuts.
  • Micrometer precision
  • Ensures perfect result for varnish blankets without touching the back liner.

Producing on a wide range of materials

Kongsberg tables are much more than a kiss cut machine. Whether your focus is signage, packaging or displays. Whether you produce vinyl, boards or wood; the Kongsberg cutting tables bring the best quality for any job or application.

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5 ways to make money with a Kongsberg cutting table

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