Flatbed Cutting Systems for POS displays, signage or packaging production

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Trust Kongsberg Flatbed Cutters with any type of job.

  • A broad selection of tools
  • For a wide range of cutting, creasing & plotting
  • The smartest workflow software

For POS displays, signage or packaging

Signage production
The Kongsberg flatbed cutters for signage come with a MultiCUT tool head. This tool head offers milling productivity and a camera system. A wide range of printed materials can be cut, routed and creased with perfect results.

POP display and short run corrugated production
The Kongsberg flatbed cutting tables for POP and corrugated production have the power it takes to finish POP displays and corrugated items quickly and accurately.

Sample making
The smaller footprint Kongsberg flatbed cutting tables are ideal for packaging sample making: quick and accurate mock ups speed up your design and approval processes.

Kongsberg C 66
i-cut Suite - Sign printing software to streamline your workflow

Protect your margins with the right software

Kongsberg cutting tables work with dedicated software that helps you

  • Work faster and smarter
  • Make file press ready much quicker
  • Get rid of waste throughout your production
  • Estimate and balance your workloads

Producing on a wide range of materials

Kongsberg digital cutting tables come with a range of specialty tools that offer speed, power and flexibility to handle a wide variety of materials: corrugated, folding carton, solid board, foam, wood, long list of plastics…

Deliver perfect quality on a wide range of materials

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Breakthrough automation

Automate manual steps throughout your production.

  • Hardware automation: A range of impressive innovations will boost the performance of digital finishing operations to industrial levels.
  • Software automation: A lot of repetitive tasks that your operators lose time with can be automated by software. Making graphical files press ready, nesting files, optimizing cutting paths…

Take control of your workflow

Get the power to:

  • Reduce lead times
  • Manage short production runs intelligently
  • Eliminate material waste
  • Optimize equipment output
Kongsberg automate device manager

Kongsberg Flatbed Cutter
For POS displays, signage or packaging production

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