Very impressive! Your company's systems and processes are beautifully connected.
Your workflow extends your capabilities. Various software solutions automate and simplify the workflow. Dedicated packaging software might even be integrated with other
business processes.

Value Stream Mapping

Successful companies keep optimizing their workflow. One of the ways to do that is to go through a Value Stream Map exercise. Esko has in-house specialists that help with these VSMs.
The goal is simple: get rid of all waste.

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Leadership concerns at this stage

Leadership style
IT centric thinking. Continuous improvement mentality.
Business growth
Expand through innovation, deploy new applications.
Print quality
Quality targets agreed upfront. Inspection systems support the quality monitoring process.
Reliable forecast in place. Ideal balance between flexibility for rush jobs and OTD commitment.
Environmental sustainability
Concrete environmental sustainability objectives at corporate level.
Equipment effectiveness
OEE measurement in place. Load balancing and order planning in function of optimal OEE.

What a connected workflow looks like

Customer communication
Templates on a web portal to specify orders.
Internal communication
Full MIS integration eradicates data duplication.
Artwork preparation
Prepress editing only used to handle exceptions. Business systems generate (meta)data to drive the workflow.
Good for print approval
Quality targets agreed upon upfront. Good for print approval is a formality.
Sheet layout
Automated step and repeat for all jobs.
Plate making
Prepress and platemaking are 1 department. Exposure settings and device queues no longer need operator intervention.
Live status data captured from all devices, including inline inspection systems. Order planning optimized for efficiency, cost and waste.
Central design and layout department produces all die tooling.
Packing & shipping logistics
Automation and robotization in the packaging department.

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