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Simplify your platemaking process with an Esko CDI Crystal XPS

If your norm is rushed, last-minute jobs with inconsistent quality, you aren’t alone. Traditional multi-step flexo platemaking processes are likely causing errors and reworks, reducing your press uptime and, ultimately, harming the productivity and profitability of your operation. The good news? Creating up to date, streamlined, next generation flexo platemaking processes is easy!

  • Reduce manual steps by 50%
  • Reduce errors by 50%
  • Reduce operator time by 73%

Instead of sending a flexo plate through up to seven manual steps, Esko can take you to three simple steps!


Refine your platemaking process

The flexo platemaking process can include multiple complex and manual steps, which not only take time, but create ample opportunity for human error, too. So, let’s redefine flexo platemaking from scratch. Instead of sending a flexo plate through up to seven manual steps, the CDI Crystal XPS from Esko offers a coordinated, linear, automated process. The integration and automation of digital imaging and LED UV exposure improves consistency and overall ease of use. This solution not only frees up your operators’ valuable time but also reduces maintenance and the footprint of your flexo equipment.


Don’t take our word for it

Interested in automating your platemaking? There’s no need to take our word for it. Instead, why not hear why Schur® Star Systems GmbH, chose Esko CDI Crystal 4835 XPS to further automate their flexo platemaking.

See what a CDI Crystal XPS
can do for you

Ready to see how a CDI Crystal XPS from Esko can help your business?
We’d like to invite you to have a one-on-one demo, to see platemaking in
action, all from the comfort of your desk. Watch live as the system is
remotely controlled by one of our flexo experts to show how it could
benefit your company.

Contact one of our specialists to get a demo.

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