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From 2D prototypes to 3D virtual mockups - One packaging designer’s story using Esko Studio

“I only have a month to get these toy package designs concepted completed and presented to our executives? Yikes!” – George Olarte, Visual Design Manager at Spin Master

Do George’s words resonate with you? Are you struggling to produce unique 3D package designs that wow and win the approval of your executives quickly?

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Learn how one packaging designer found a solution to his packaging design problems with Esko Studio, and you can too. Watch Esko’s webinar, “From 2D prototypes to 3D virtual mockups: One packaging designer’s story using Esko Studio” to learn first-hand from George how:

  • He was introduced to Esko Studio
  • How Esko Studio (and its’ integration with KeyShot) helped alleviate his packaging challenges
  • And, how he put Studio to use in his project workflow, the final reveal of this REAL LIFE new toy package design, and how these projects impacted George, both personally and professionally
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