Using AVT 100% inspection you can save money by reducing material waste - Esko

Installed on a printing press or rewinder and working with AVT’s advanced workflow solutions, our print inspection systems quickly and efficiently detect 100% of defects such as missing labels, defects in text areas, color variations, mis-registration, missing print, spots & streaks, varnish errors, barcode defects, imperfect matrix peeling, die cut registration, and more, all in real time.

With AVT inspection systems you will be able detect defects and correct them at source, reducing waste material and inks, increasing valuable press time and eliminating costly reprints.

You can optimise operator and machine time and minimise human errors. You can achieve production efficiencies from printing all the way through the finishing line, delivering exceptional quality results, improved production process control, and eliminate customer rejections.


  • On any press
    Significantly reduces material & ink waste and production costs, eliminates re-prints, and boosts overall productivity and efficiency to save money and increase capacity.
  • Online monitoring and robust built-in reporting
    Automatically stops at the defect location and enables easy roll clean-up, delivering 100% quality assurance and eliminating customer rejections. All defects, settings and changes are recoded in the job report.
  • Works seamlessly on any application and substrate
    Supports all label stock, paper and plastic label stock, flexible, transparent & opaque films, paper & cartons, and thick embossed metalized foils, as well as highly reflective holographic foils and laminates.
  • On rewinder
    Online tool tracks and reports on total good material printed, while all detection and monitoring data is collected and stored in the system’s reporting mechanism.
  • WorkFlow Link
    Transfers quality data from the press to the rewinder for efficient removal of defective material; automatically stops rewinder at the defect location every time.