What will Inline Automated Print Inspection do for you?

Boost your performance with integrated AVT & Esko solutions

AVT inline inspection tools are now integrated with the Esko prepress and workflow ecosystem. This means that converters can now measure print quality throughout their complete workflow and communicate color and quality to all stakeholders. This results in easier, faster, and more accurate right first time production.

Robust 100% automated inline inspection solutions
for label and narrow web printing

With over 2,000 installations worldwide, the AVT Helios product line is a market-proven automatic 100% inspection solution designed for labels and other narrow web printing applications.

Helios automatically inspects printed labels or packs for defects and imperfections, delivering exceptional quality results and eliminating customer rejections. Raising the bar on automatic print inspection, Helios supports every stage in the production process.

What will Inline Automated Print Inspection do for you?

How Does it work?

Helios automatically detects defects such as missing labels, errors in character areas, color variations, misregistration, missing print, spots, imperfect matrix peeling, die cut registration, and more. To achieve superior inline quality assurance and process control, Helios is quickly and easily installed on any press or rewinder, including a slitter rewinder. Helios can also be installed on other types of finishing equipment, as it supports current and future converting equipment, regardless of machine speed, width or technology.

Printing Press

Printing Press

When installed on a printing press, Helios operates as an inline quality assurance and process control solution, alerting potential print problems and recording every relevant defect. Via an integrated reporting mechanism from press to rewinder, the WorkFlow Link module (optional) is later used for downstream repair on the finishing machine or in quality reports for the end-user. Helios is also equipped with a built-in PrintFlow module, where operators can use inline reporting to review job/order/roll reports, edit and export to digital files, or print reports for later material handling.


When installed on a rewinder, Helios seamlessly controls the rewinder, creating a combined automatic inspection station. The system automatically inspects 100% of labels or packs and stops the rewinder at defect locations to clean the defective parts before the roll is sent to the customer.



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