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Overcome industry challenges

Short run jobs. Tight delivery deadlines. And no compromise on quality, please! Sound familiar? As demand continues to grow, your print operation might find itself under more pressure.

It’s time to enhance your Esko AVT inline print inspection system and build quality into your processes. Our technical experts have developed a rich and varied selection of optional add-on modules to help you do just this.

Choose the right module for your business needs:

 Pre-press automation and set-up (Labels)

  • Dual Mode Display- Provides 2 x 24 displays with enhanced viewing options.

 Inspection system automation (Labels   and flexible packaging)

  • ProMIS – Enables bi-directional communication with MIS systems in the print production environment for easy, quick and secured setup processes

 Job verification tools (Labels & Flexible   packaging)

  • MasteRef – Master-to-master verification
  • JobRef -- Job verification using original customer-approved PDF file
  • Digimask – Deploys PDF die-cut line to mask-out irrelevant areas bordering the package


   Process management (Labels & Flexible      packaging)

  • Continuous and Random Monitoring – Classifies and alerts on process defects and random defects in a clear and intuitive way, helping the operator quickly identify production issues and apply corrective actions .
  • RLT (Repeat Length Trend) – Enables monitoring/alerts on repeat trend changes
  • Digimarc – Automatic code verification and monitoring
  • Press Link – Records press events in the PrintFlow reporting database, for overall process enhancement, quality assurance and downstream cleaning.

  Color measurement and management           (Labels & Flexible Packaging)

  • IΔEal – Inline Delta E color measurements anywhere on the image, performed during and in parallel to print inspection; displays graphical view of color differences and reports statistics

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