What will Inline Automated Print Inspection do for you?

Boost your performance with integrated AVT & Esko solutions

AVT inline inspection tools are now integrated with the Esko prepress and workflow ecosystem. This means that converters can now measure print quality throughout their complete workflow and communicate color and quality to all stakeholders. This results in easier, faster, and more accurate right first time production.

Benefits of Argus Turbo HD

The Argus Turbo HD product line delivers a unique combination of 100% high-resolution print inspection and superior zoom process control, to detect imperfections in real-time.

  • Delivers unmatched 100% quality assurance & print process control for any substrate, application and web width
  • Provides best inspection resolution at the highest production speeds
  • Reduces initial print mistakes and re-prints cases, ensuring consistent print quality on every job
  • Reduces waste, resources and production costs, increasing overall press productivity

What will Inline Automated Print Inspection do for you?

How Does it work?

Argus Turbo HD is quickly and easily installed on any press, to capture both random and process print problems, visually indicating both the position and type of defect and marking all defects for further analysis, archiving and reporting.

The system detects print defects, including color variations, misregistration, streaks, ink splashes, and misprints. When problems are detected, the operator can immediately address the issue quickly and correct the relevant defect source.

Argus Turbo HD
High resolution

High-Resolution Matrix Camera

The area high zoom camera assists the operator during job make ready, for high definition viewing of print quality and register. When in production, both repeating and random defects are automatically highlighted according to selected quality standards. If required, the system’s high-resolution x16 optical zoom matrix camera can be pointed to the suspected defect location for further investigation.

Workflow, Archiving & Reporting

Equipped with a built-in PrintFlow module, the system automatically stores all job data in job archiving for fast setup in the case of reprints. Detection data is logged into the system’s roll and job reporting, including defect location, defect images, and print quality statistics. Operators use in-line reporting to review job/order/roll reports, edit and export final reports to digital files or alternatively to AVT WorkFlow Link to automatically connect to rewinders or slitters, and efficiently remove defective material prior to shipment. The system’s PrintFlow Manager collects relevant PrintFlow data from multiple systems, so that managers and key personnel can easily monitor, analyze and control production quality from their desktop PCs.



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