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Top 5 automation myths in packaging debunked

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Esko’s Automation Engine is a modular prepress workflow automation software that works at the heart of your prepress operation. With Automation Engine you can automate tasks like preflighting, trapping, making proofs and generating reports. Do more jobs in less time while increasing your profitability.

With its visual and intuitive interface you can easily create complex workflows with a simple click, drag & drop. Repeat old jobs as per your client’s specifciations while maintaining the highest quality and on-time delivery.

  • Increase throughput within your prepress department
  • Integrates with all common editors: Adobe® Illustrator®, ArtPro...
  • Can be configured with automated Quality Control tools for artwork inspection, text, barcodes and braille
  • Easy to use & scalable

Automation Engine Testimonials


With Automation Engine, converters were able to grow production capacity without increasing headcount

Howard Bertram, President, Complete Design & Packaging

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"With Automation Engine in particular, we have seen a significant cut in the number of errors on jobs plus the time and cost benefits that delivers. We are much more productive."

Robert Farfort, Director, Data Image, UK

Prepress Tasks

Automation Engine workflow automates all your prepress tasks. Build your own dynamic workflows & execute them automatically. Concept to production is automated with minimal operator intervention. Improves quality, consistency & speeds up the whole prepress process

Prepress automation

Automation Engine Testimonials


This new system increased speed, efficiency and productivity, while reducing errors, interventions and reruns.

Brandon Kapellusch, Solutions Architect with Nosco

Automation Engine: Integration


Integrates with graphical editors like Illustrator, PackEdge, ArtPro+, RIPs, file servers, and a host of other business systems to make Automation Engine the real heart of your prepress department.

Modular System

Start with the base module and add functionalities and modules as your business grows. Esko’s prepress workflow automation software is scalable & sustainable without the need of custom development.

  • Base Module (Recommended Basic Config)
  • Job Management (Recommended Basic config)
  • Viewing & QA (Optional)
  • Reporting & 3D (Optional)
  • Processor (Optional)
  • Layout (Optional)
  • Color (Optional)

Automation Engine Testimonials


The Esko solutions have not only improved our overall efficiency by automating as much of the workflow as possible, allowing us to do more work with the same number of employees, but still leaves us plenty of room for continued growth.

Matthew Elston, Pre-Production Manager, Alexir Partnership, UK

Some of our happy customers

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Top 5 automation myths in packaging debunked

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Esko Share & Approve is a entry level platform to speed up packaging approvals. Make packaging approvals up to 3 times shorter with the Share & Approve platform. Use the unique, cloud-based tool to upload, share, annotate and approve packaging and labels, in hyper realistic 3D.

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