Suite 12 - Esko

Find out what's new in Suite 12

ArtiosCAD 12

  • Integration: .dwg import/export, TOPS integration
  • 2D enhancements: mutli perf, intelligent dielines, placeholders, added boards
  • 3D enhancements: Edgeband, reverse v-notch, partial cut, drag on plane tool, copy array tool, flap priority, tear aways
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ArtPro 12

  • Thin Parts Detection and Fix Tool
  • Studio Multipart & Collada support
  • Link to shapes
  • CombiPress support (also in SmartMarks)
  • PantoneLIVE access
  • PDF Annotations
  • Support
  • PZN8 Bar Code
what's new in Artpro
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Automation Engine 12

  • Odystar and Nexus PDF Processor migrations: Merging of 3 workflows into Automation Engine
  • Hybrid press support
  • Scripting support. Automation Engine 12 allows to automate actions from Adobe applications (e.g. Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign) and 3rd party tools (e.g. Alwan)
  • Smart Views: Smart filtering on all levels of the Pilot
  • Simplified pilot for shuttle operators: Simple Pilot: allows simplified “shuttle” view for certain operators (based on UAR: Shuttle operator)
  • WebCenter link from Automation Engine: Improved integration between 2 platforms
  • Viewer Improvements: Viewer becomes full QA tool Extra View(s)
    • Breakout preview
    • TAC preview
    • Flexo Plate preview
    • Flexo Print preview
    • Registration error preview
  • Commercial Printing: Support for 3rd party Imposition Flexibility in automation: source independent Flexibility through full support Page and Plate view (page assignment) Page Approval via WebCenter
  • Unique Plate ID: Ensures full control on plates going to press. 100% traceable how the plate has been created
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Color Engine Pilot 12, Equinox
& FlexProof/E 12

  • Use Extra Output Inks in Custom Values, e.g. Print gold with a device capable of printing CMYK and Silver
  • Support for InkSwitch Device Links
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DeskPack 12

  • PantoneLIVE access
  • PowerLayout Standalone
  • Dynamic Marks
  • Calculate Ink Consumption
  • Moiré Detection
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FlexRip & Curve Pilot 12

  • CurvePilot
    • Automated target measurements for PressSync
    • Support TED format
  • Screening
    • Possibility of more custom screens
    • Updates to HD Flexo: support for new plate types, flat top dots etc
  • Quality improvements
    • Improved RIPping of CT images
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PackEdge 12

  • Thin Parts Detection and Fix Tool
  • White Underprint generation
  • Rich Black generation
  • Studio Multipart & Collada support
  • Link to Shapes
  • Improved CAD integration
  • Viewer Compare
  • CombiPress Support
  • PantoneLIVE access
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Plato 12

  • New barcode PZN8
  • PDF Notes annotations
  • Alternative input method for GS1 element strings
  • Numeric Precision
  • JDF Export for Guillotine cut
  • Mirror option in grid based layout
  • CAD as reference
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Studio 12

  • Studio Viewer on web
  • Studio Viewer on iPad
  • Store Visualizer 12
  • 50 Avery Dennison Label substrates
  • Merck Iriodin Effect Pigments
  • Holistic multi-part design