Buy 3D Packaging Shapes - Esko

Esko offers a range of quality 3D packaging models, ready to be used in Studio or ArtiosCAD.
These shapes can get you started in 3D even faster. Creating stunning 3D visuals featuring your artwork.

The store has about 100 quality objects, ranging from plastic bottles, PET bottles, cups, tubs, tubes, pouches, cans, wrappers, shopping bags, egg cartons, palettes, and even toilet paper.

New models are constantly added.

How does it work?

To see what models are available:

  • Install Studio (or the free Data Exchange Plug-in)
  • In Illustrator: File > Structural Design > Open from Shapes...
  • or in Studio Visualizer: File > Open from Shapes...

Looking for another shape?

If you have a request for a new shape, please let us know (Contact

Esko also does custom 3D modeling of bespoke packaging shapes. These made-to-order models do not appear in the Online Shapes Store. Contact to get a price quote.

Custom Shapes Store