Offset Printing using Concentric and Stochastic Screening - Esko

Concentric Screening

Concentric Screening is a revolutionary and proven halftone dot technology for offset printing. It divides the conventional round dot into thin concentric rings.

This limits ink buildup on plate – providing greater latitude on press. Images are sharper and a wider color gamut is achieved. Find out how it works.

Not only does it improve quality, it also results in significant ink savings up to 30%.

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Organic and Monet: World class Stochastic Screening

Stochastic (FM) screening completely eliminates moiré and rosette patterning from your images.

  • Organic Screening is a modern second order pattern optimized for Offset printing and available in a range of dot sizes.
  • Monet Screening also in a range of dot sizes, is optimized for both Offset and Flexo print applications.

Altogether, Stochastic screening from Esko will give you razor sharp images, with a wider color gamut and a stable result in print.

Conventional Screens: Paragon and HighLine

Conventional AM screens from Esko have been the backbone of quality print production around the world for many years.

  • Paragon AM screening minimizes moiré and gives a stable rosette, while offering a vast range of dot shapes and angles to suit all applications.
  • HighLine Screens allow you to produce much higher screen rulings at traditional output resolutions – for example, a 423 lpi screen can be imaged at only 2400 dpi resolution. HighLine Screens can also image standard screen rulings at lower output resolutions, boosting productivity without any compromise on quality.