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HP Scitex New workflow solution for HP Scitex from Esko

Esko i-cut Suite is a print-to-cut workflow solution that tackles bottlenecks in the manufacturing of wide-format graphics by simplifying the cutting process, including PDF preflight, editing and correction, nesting and layout and the production of printing and cutting files.

Esko i-cut Suite is compatible with all HP Scitex printers, raster image processors and cutting devices. The enhanced solution exclusive to HP Scitex customers includes a library of optimized HP Scitex profiles. 

Additional information for HP Scitex

Additional information for HP Scitex is available on the HP Scitex ftp-site. In this folder you will find documents like sales presentation and product tools, contact matrix and how to order guide and other documents supporting our partnership. Please Contact HP Scitex for a username and password.

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The Esko - HP Scitex collaboration also includes ArtiosCAD and Kongsberg Digital Finishing.