Benefits - Esko
HP Scitex

From PDF preflight, editing and correction, to nesting and layout, and producing optimized printing and cutting files. Perfect results. Every time.

Simple to use

Pre-press operations are traditionally dependent upon operator skill and experience. i-cut Suite gives this expertise to all your operators, even sophisticated tasks such as “deep” preflighting, tight nesting, back-to-back file preparation, die-line creation from images, image bleed, white underprint, automatic register mark placement, part ID labeling and much more. It makes workflow so easy you don’t need special skills or experience to use it.

Fewer errors

Standardizing your pre-press workflow ensures all jobs are brought up to your production requirements. To assure the highest, error-free print quality i-cut Suite uses HP approved parameter settings for each HP Scitex print device, easily adapted to your shop standards.

Higher Productivity

We believe your rip and printer should be fully utilized. So by shifting the pre-press functions before the RIP’ping/ printing stage you expand your overall productivity. Your rip will always receive fully optimized and nested files, so you can rip faster and print more efficiently.