Kongsberg X Investment of Taze Baskı Merkezi

Kongsberg X Investment of Taze Baskı Merkezi

Customer: New copy print center

We always have plans for investments, as in this industry, with its ever developing technologies, companies like us cannot afford not making any investment. It is, however, very important to get financing and make your investment at the right time.

The Challenge:

Tazecopy, an Istanbul-based company, aimed to increase its production capacity by adding a new machine to its large machinery fleet.

The Solution:

This company made investment plans in digital finishing and selected the Esko Kongsberg X24 cutting table. The installation was performed last month.

The Benefits:

As you can tell from our name, we are a printing center. We offer support and solutions to our customers for the production of all printed materials. Unfortunately, as it is impossible to grow business with only one type of production, we create a wide range of products. Our printing technology ranges from business cards to the coating of entire buildings. Our production facility is open 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.


We had planned to invest in Esko equipment for a long time, because we were certain of its contribution to our operations in terms of speed and quality. Following a lengthy research process and, of course, with the support of our exclusive distributor Yatay Bilgisayar, our company purchased new equipment in 2014 and, in doing so, increased its production capacity considerably.l

Taze Baskı Merkezi created its corporate integrity policy in 2010, and moves forward with its experienced administrative staff and its ever expanding customer portfolio and service infrastructure. Taze Baskı Merkezi aims to attain a pre-eminent position and remain there in the medium and long term through the high-quality services it provides in the industry and its leadership spirit as a pioneer in the industry. With an inherent understanding of the importance of innovation, it is now an organization whose reputation extends beyond the city limits. We had planned to invest in Esko equipment for a long time, because we were certain of its contribution to our operations in terms of speed and quality. After a lengthy research process, and with the support of our distributor Yatay Bilgisayar, our company started in machinery in 2014.

 Taze Copy

Kongsberg digital cutting tables have the widest product range in the industry and have been increasing their share in the Turkish market since 2010, when Esko developed an interest in the Turkish market and became active on this market. Esko has been the preferred supplier for companies in the packaging and advertisement industry ever since. 

Kongsberg cuttings tables have been improved by incorporating the precision of cutting and design for a variety of industrial applications, from sign manufacturing to packaging. There is a bigger need for durability and reliability in today’s systems in response to the development of the latest cutting solutions, with improved production techniques from generation to generation in light of the research and development activities that we have been doing for decades now. In response to constantly expanding formats, Kongsberg cutting systems, with their high level of performance and precision, have become the industry leader for super wide format finishing systems.

Materials that can be cut with a Kongsberg cutting table are, amongst others: cardboard, corrugated cardboard, folio, pvc, forex, acrylic, wood, fabric, honeycombed panel, and composite materials. 

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