"Before we implemented Automation Engine into our factory, things were harder, things were more difficult – we were at the mercy of luck! The connectivity of Esko software to our hardware and conventional finishing machines gives us assurance throughout the process."

Amnon Nemas, Head of Labels prepress department

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Leading wine label manufacturer Peer Print streamlines
with Esko Automation Engine

Ease of use and connectivity across printing machinery sees Automation Engine
lead to improved results for Peer Print

Founded in 1942, Peer Print has produced labels for wineries for almost 80 years. Now with more than 50 workers, the company is the leading wine label producer in Israel.

From the moment Automation Engine was introduced to the Peer Print label printing process, the results have been significant and immediate. Flow and printing is much more fluent, the error rate has been drastically reduced through the increased security and back-up the system provides, and the streamlined work process has resulted in more time - which means more capacity to do more jobs.

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