JMC Signmakers adds software components to optimize design, printing and finishing process

The Dutch signage manufacturer has taken a giant step forward in its ongoing move toward more profitable automation.

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Automation Engine
Device Manager
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150 orders per week

Based in Zeeland Province, The Netherlands, Dutch sign and wide format print production company JMC Signmakers, takes pride in the speedy delivery of custom made signage, through 130 to 150 orders per week. To enable this, the company continuously invests in state-of-the-art production equipment such as fast production printers and digital cutting plotters.

Brand owners clearly see the value of versioned and customized signage to address regional, cultural and other differences. The production process used to be quite slow and therefore not cost-effective. With Automation Engine we have overcome this barrier. It enables us to produce products that are completely variable from piece to piece.

Cees Bolijn, Managing Director of JMC Signmakers, the Netherlands

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The challenge

More profitable production

JMC Signmakers is always on the look-out for a more profitable automation of the entire production process from design to finish, resulting in higher productivity at a lower cost rate.

Cees Bolijn, one of the three owners of the company, introduced new developments towards a higher level of automation several years ago.

The solution

Optimizing the finishing workflow

Automation Engine is the core of the system, supplemented with the modules Device Manager and Connect.

Automation Engine automates repetitive prepress tasks, thus increasing productivity, reducing operator intervention/errors and saving valuable time, money and materials throughout the production process.

Device Manager extends the possibilities thanks to the bi-directional link with the Kongsberg cutting table. This allows for better planning and exact time and cost estimates of the cutting process, without an actual test run.

The Connect Module makes it possible to easily connect with external parties so outsourcing will be fully integrated in the production workflow.

1,500 personalized banners, based on a selection of 11 designs of on average 70 Mb, with a unique name and run for each banner, are now arranged in 4 hours with the files nested and ready to print.

Cees Bolijn, Managing Director of JMC Signmakers, the Netherlands

The benefits

Efficient production

Automation Engine
  • saves valuable time, money and materials throughout the production process
  • reduces operator intervention & errors
  • increases productivity
Device Manager
  • predicts exact time and cost estimates of the cutting process without an actual test run
  • allows for better planning
The Connect Module
  • connects with external parties to fully integrate outsourcing in the production workflow
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