Imprenta Formas expands its offerings thanks to the superior finishing quality of Esko Kongsberg Bits & Blades

Argentinean signage expert, Imprenta Formas, is impressed with the speed and versatility of its Esko Kongsberg X24 cutting table. The accompanying Esko Kongsberg bits and blades lift the finished products to a higher level.



Annual turnover
800K USD

company size
18 members

producer of graphics
signage expert

The customer

Signage expert in the southernmost city in the world

Based in Ushuaia in Argentina, Imprenta Formas is a graphics company specialized in the production of signage.

Imprenta Formas operates in two places. The site located in the city center of Ushuaia is dedicated to commercial printing.

The second site is located in the industrial park and mainly produces signage, POP displays, and graphics.



"We are developing products that were very difficult to handle before using Esko Bits & Blades."

José Luis González, Managing Partner, Imprenta Formas, Argentina

The challenge

Typical substrates for signage

Imprenta Formas used to cut a lot of materials with a CNC router. But cutting with a laser or a milling cutter has its limitations.

The operation wanted to expand its offering to customers through cutting an even wider variety in materials that are typically used in the signage industry, such as PVC, canvas, honeycomb sandwich panels like FALCONBOARD®, vinyl, carton, acrylic, aluminum, and foamboard.


"Buy the Esko products with your eyes closed, you won’t regret it because you will notice a big difference between the before and after in your company production."

José Luis González, Managing Partner, Imprenta Formas, Argentina

The solution

The perfect cut with Esko Kongsberg Bits & Blades

Imprenta Formas purchased an Esko Kongsberg X24 Design Starter. The main criteria to select a Kongsberg cutting table were its versatility in substrates and the speed and quality of the digital cutting table.

Imprenta Formas is impressed with the performance of the Bits & Blades that came with the Kongsberg X24. The operation is now handling jobs it was unable to produce before using Esko Kongsberg Bits & Blades.

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"An employee used to handle a roll with canvas of about 1,50m x 1,00m manually in 2 hours, and Esko helped us reducing that time to 8 minutes."

José Luis González, Managing Partner, Imprenta Formas, Argentina

The benefits

Before and after: a clear cut

Imprenta Formas is now able to offer new products to its customers. Because of the Esko Kongsberg X24, Imprenta Formas can handle all the commonly used substrates for signage and packaging.

The graphics specialist is also struck by the speed of the Esko Kongsberg X24 cutting table. It finishes a roll of canvas in merely 8 minutes; a job which used to take an employee 2 hours of manual labor instead.

But most of all, Managing Partner Jose Luis Gonzalez was pleasantly surprised with the excellent finishing quality. Mr. Gonzalez attributes this to the superiority of the Esko Kongsberg Bits & Blades.

Mr. Gonzalez will continue to order bits and blades through the Esko Store. It’s easy, it’s fast and he always receives help online.

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