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Signage manufacturer FastSigns testifies to the outstanding performance of its Esko Kongsberg X24 flatbed cutter. Owner Greg Painter says it’s easily the most versatile digital finishing device on the market.


FastSigns recommends the Esko Kongsberg X flatbed cutter

Greg Painter, the owner of the FastSigns franchise in Montana US, is impressed with his Esko Kongsberg X24 digital cutting table, which he refers to as 'the most versatile digital finishing device on the market'.

In the video Greg explains how his investment in an Esko Kongsberg X boosted his signage business.

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It’s amazing how we use this machine every day more and more. Once you have one, you look back and go ‘How did I ever survive without it’.

Greg Painter, Owner, FastSigns, USA

man vs machine

Man vs. machine

As a test, Greg’s team cut the same job the traditional way and on the Esko Kongsberg X.

Watch the video and see for yourself how the Esko Kongsberg X cutting table did a perfect job in a matter of seconds!

Beside the machine's amazing speed, Greg confirms that the finishing quality of the Esko Kongsberg X24 is so much better than what you can possibly achieve with a jigsaw and a sander.


You load the job, you hit ‘go’, the Kongsberg table cuts it and you’re done. And it’s perfect.

Greg Painter, Owner, FastSigns, USA

Fast ROI

Greg discovered all sorts of new moneymaking opportunities thanks to the Esko Kongsberg X flatbed cutter.

The versatility of this digital cutting table led FastSigns to attract new customers as well as handle all the substrates that are commonly used in the signage business.

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You’ll find you’ll be cutting things that you had no idea that you would be using it for.

Greg Painter, Owner, FastSigns, USA

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From design > print > cut in one go

Greg is equally enthusiastic about ArtiosCAD, the structural design software that FastSigns uses to design cool displays.

The FastSigns team is still exploring all the dedicated features that ArtiosCAD offers for quick display design. Very soon they will discover the ArtiosCAD Display Store, a library packed with resizable, production ready, POP display design templates.

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