AG3M increases production by 30% with AutoSet Digital end-to-end inspection - Esko

AG3M increases production by 30% with AutoSet Digital end-to-end inspection

AG3M uses Esko AVT print inspection to boost digital labels productivity and reduce waste


The challenge

Eliminate errors, reduce waste and increase productivity from prepress through to on-press and finishing

The solution

Esko AVT AutoSet Digital, the end-to-end solution that automates print inspection of digital labels

The benefits

Productivity increased by 30%, with 99.9% of faults removed from rolls

Eliminate errors and waste, boost productivity

One of France’s leading label producers, AG3M has a reputation for outstanding quality. Serving a range of customers across the food and wine industries, the company has been using Esko AVT print inspection systems since 2020. As a member of the Esko pre-release community, in 2022 AG3M was among the first to integrate AutoSet Digital into its digital labels prepress and production.

Before integrating the print inspection system into production, it was possible for a wrong file to be printed for the final proof, meaning a bad print of the file, return to DTP or regular machine stoppages. With the new end-to-end print inspection system, Esko AVT AutoSet Digital, the company now has direct control over the print proof for multiple ups in a gang. Operators can check as many as 10 files simultaneously and can immediately link to the print proof to see if it is correct, with immediate access to a report which confirms accuracy and quality.


Today, with this installation, we have increased production by about 30%

Sylvain Marchal, Président Directeur Général AG3M

With AutoSet Digital, there is online control of color variation that gives AG3M a stable print run from start to finish. As a result, the company has increased production by about 30%, reduced paper waste, unnecessary reprints, lost time and machine stoppages - and 99.9% of faults are removed from rolls.

Watch the video now, and discover how the Esko AVT AutoSet Digital print inspection system has boosted productivity at AG3M


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