Adveo gains efficiency in packaging management with WebCenter QuickStart for Brands

Pre-configured with industry best practices, yet tailored to Adveo’s specific needs, WebCenter QuickStart is a packaging management solution that ticks all the boxes.

The Customer

European leader in office supplies

Based in Madrid (Spain), Adveo is the European leader in wholesale office equipment, school material and stationery supplies. The company has one of the largest catalogs in the industry, including a wide range of complementary products such as furniture, facility management, and support services.

With a team of over 1,200 professionals, Adveo delivers supplies at more than 17,000 customer-distributors across Europe in 9 countries: Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Portugal.

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Powerful artwork management software.

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WebCenter QuickStart for Brands


Thanks to WebCenter QuickStart, we have what we wanted – a single, clear packaging process, where everybody knows their role and what they’re supposed to do!

Rosa Carvalho, Own Brands Marketing Director at Adveo, Spain

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The challenge

Challenges of a manual process

As a result of some acquisitions in recent years, Adveo’s growth has been impressive. This has come with its own set of challenges, though.

Adveo was managing its packaging design and management process with a range of different systems, mainly relying on manual, cumbersome methods such as email and file-sharing.

This way of working was very inefficient, it lacked version control and it was open to error.


We now have a single, online platform that allows all relevant stakeholders to access the packaging process from wherever they are.

Rosa Carvalho, Own Brands Marketing Director at Adveo, Spain

The solution

Quick and cost-effective

In search of a single, comprehensive tool that could manage the entire packaging management with a standardized process, Adveo felt that WebCenter QuickStart for Brands ticked all the boxes.

WebCenter QuickStart for Brands is Esko’s all-in-one packaging management solution. The online platform has been pre-configured with best-in-class workflows in packaging management, ready to use. This solution addresses artwork packaging approval needs quickly and cost-effectively.

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WebCenter QuickStart for Brands is a turnkey artwork management solution for brands

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The system is very intuitive. It is easy to understand, and now everyone is on the same page.

Rosa Carvalho, Own Brands Marketing Director at Adveo, Spain

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The benefits

Benefits from the get-go

With WebCenter now well established at Adveo, the benefits are clear. Instead of looking through lots of emails and Excel spreadsheets, all the correct information for packaging design is contained in one ‘single source of truth’.

Additionally, stakeholders now review and approve packaging artwork using WebCenter. If they are late, the system reminds them. The artwork versioning module ensures that users always work on the latest version.

  • The centralized repository of packaging assets provides a single source of truth and standardizes the packaging process across different sites.
  • An automated workflow ensures timely response to artwork review, while artwork versioning ensures every stakeholder is working on the right file
  • Clearer communication with 2D and 3D packaging design reviews
  • The WebCenter platform, pre-configured with industry best practices, got Adveo up and running quickly and cost effectively
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